Dear Students, Parents, or Guardians:

           Welcome to Cocoa Beach JR/SR High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC). Today is the beginning of what we hope will be a partnership of a highly successful year and a journey through the high school experience for students, parents/guardians. As I say on a daily basis, “It is a great day to be an Army JROTC Cadet or a JROTC Instructor!” 1SG Kevin Staddie and I are working hard to fill each cadet's canteen cup with leadership skills that encompass the Army Values:  loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal and moral courage. We are working hard to develop better citizens who are knowledgeable, caring, dependable, trustworthy, and hard-working. We do this with a high level of commitment and enthusiasm as well as a sense of urgency because our kids are the future of this great nation in which we live! We need them to be able to meet the many challenges the future will bring.

In the CBHS Minutemen Battalion, students are led by fellow Cadets, and each will be held responsible for their own learning and growth (with overwatch by 1SG Staddie and myself). Students will need to come to school with a spirit of curiosity, openness to knowledge, and preparation for the day's activity without excuses. Students are expected to be punctual, prepared, and present for all classes. While in the classroom, students will be expected to respect the rights, feelings, opinions, and property of classmates. Students will always be courteous and use appropriate language in and around CBHS. Students will need to practice safety at all times, especially when engaging in the many JROTC extra-curricular activities. Students will be expected to follow and carry out to the best of their abilities the orders of the Cadet leaders and the chain of command as well as all school rules and regulations.


The Minutemen Battalion week:

            Monday- Cadet Led Drill and Ceremony: learning the importance of self-discipline and teamwork

           Tuesday- Academic Day: In class with MSG Staddie and LTC DesJardin- emphasis on current events, citizenship, first aid, map reading, and life skills.

              Wednesday- Physical Training: Focus is on fitness for life concepts (nutrition, cardio, strength). Cadets will also participate in team sports to build camaraderie. 

             Thursday- Academic Day- See Tuesday!

            Friday- Uniform Inspection: Cadets are required to wear their issued Cadet uniform- this is a mandated graded day. Cadets who miss the uniform inspection have until Friday of the same week to make up the missed inspection (see the 2023/24 syllabus for more information regarding uniform wear and care).

How can Parents help? Ask questions. What we do in the JROTC program is much different than other classes and the language we use can sound quite foreign. Let us know if you have questions, concerns, or recommendations. Our mission is to help your kids be successful in high school and beyond as well as in life. We can best accomplish that mission if we communicate and work together as a team. My office number is (321) 783-1776 ext 23076, and my current email is



James DesJardin                                            
LTC (R), US Army
Senior Army Instructor
Cocoa Beach High School