Being a Raider takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and physical training.
Raiders compete in 5 events: Combat Cross Country Run, Fitness Test (Sprint, Drag, Carry), Rope Bridge and a 5KM Team Run. and Tire Flip
These are extremely demanding activities, and you need to be in good shape
and health to participate.  This is the toughest sport in High School. 
Being a member of the Drill Team takes a lot of hard work.
You really need to be able to concentrate, whether you are the commander
of the event or just being a part of the event.  It also takes dedication and practice. This team focuses on individual and team movements that are synchronized. 
Dedicating your heart and your mind to what you love doing will result in great success.
The Rifle Team is an outstanding team sport. Cocoa Beach JROTC qualified for the Florida State Championships for the past 11 years and is consistently the top Army team in Brevard County.  We are highly competitive and only select the best shooters from the Corps of Cadets. We shoot air rifles in a controlled environment.  There are 3 shooting positions: kneeling, standing, and prone.
The Color Guard team is a special group of people who present the colors, which consists of the National flag, the State flag, and two guards (one left and one right).
The Color Guard does special presentations such as marching in parades, football games, and ceremonies.  Color Guard also competes in the Drill Team competition for trophies.
The JLAB is comprised of the Leadership team and the Academic team.
 Each team is composed of four highly dedicated cadets who work
the entire year on preparing for online tests to qualify for the
national competition in Washington, D.C. Since 2010, we have competed at the national level 5 times, becoming the world champions in 2017. Since 2017 we have placed 13th and 10th in the world (over 3800 teams worldwide)